Generating Web Site Traffic Tips

Generating web site traffic is not as hard
as some people might think. If your site's
content is search engine friendly, you will
make your job much easier.

Targeted traffic is what you absolutely wants.
You do not want people looking for contact
lenses if you only sell glasses right!

People who come to your site are either
first time visitors or repeat visitors.

Generating web site traffic for
your online business is making sure
your visitors take some kind of action;

– If you have an opt-in list you can
capture their name and email address.
That way you build a list that you
can send them emails to inform them
about new information on your site
or some special offer you might have.

– Download something for free to
subscribe to your list.
Like a report or ebook.

– Take a survey. Give your target
what they want by asking them.

– Buy something from you.
That's the ultimate goal.

Generating web site traffic is making
sure your site is displayed in the search
engines (Google, Yahoo! and Windows Live
Search -formerly MSN- are the
three most popular) when web surfers
search for your pages content.

You want your site
to be displayed on the first two pages
when somebody searches for your

Search terms used by web surfers
are called keywords and your web site
pages should be optimized for those
keywords. Long search terms are
usually the most targeted.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is
your goal. You want your site prominently
displayed in the search engines results or
high page rank.

Generating web site traffic will be easier
when web surfers find you in the top
20 results of their searches. Because
most of them never go to page 3 or more.

But how do you find those keywords?

There are free tools available;

Google –

Yahoo! –

Wordtracker –

Again, you should aim for the most targeted keyword.
The longer the better.

For example; If I am selling poker tips ebooks and videos.
I am going to optimize for;

– texas holdem tips ebook

– texas holdem tips video

– texas holdem training videos


You will have a much better chance of ranking high
for those terms because there's much less competition
for general terms like "poker".