Texas Confidential

Cowboy lovers out there get ready, because this series will have the fantasy wheels rolling! This series is the sole reason why I got so addicted to Harlequin. Or as my husband would say obsessed …

This is a four part series was published by four different authors. Although, this original series is older if you are on Amazon, or at a mom and pop book store grab it! In case your not into the cowboy thing (but honestly who is not) this is not the only series these four have put together. Moriah's Landing was published two years after this incredible story and also one of my favorites.

For a sneak peek into these four books I've done a quick review of each.

The Bodyguard's Assignment ~ by Amanda Stevens
This book starts with the main plot that is pretty intense with a major drug-lord raising havoc in all four books. With a typical Harlequin Intrigue plot Grace and Brady are ex-lovers still fighting out old feelings for each other while fighting to stay alive. This story actually kept me on the edge through the entire book which made the same old plot exciting.

The Agent's Secret Child ~ by BJ Daniels
Really laying out the suspense in this one, Daniels has you at the edge of your seat waiting for the next little piece from the moment you starting reading. Agent Jake Cantrell is on the search to find a missing woman and her child. A child that could possibly be his. Although you are pretty sure where this story is headed, you find yourself itching to read more.

The Specialist ~ by Dani Sinclair
The whole transforming a mousy quiet little thing into a Femme Fatale was quite humorous. Sinclair has never really failed at keeping me interested. This book was cute and corky with still enough suspense to keep up with the others.

The Outsider's Redemption ~ by Joanna Wayne
The initial shock within the first few pages had me hooked, the story line between Cody and Sarah was almost uncomfortable at times. Wrapping up the story was smooth and answered all the questions from the first. Overall I enjoyed it.