Carry Or Roll? Which New Titleist DT Golf Ball Is Right For You

Titleist golf has just introduced two new golf balls in their DT line of golf balls. The Titleist DT Carry golf ball and the Titleist DT Roll golf ball. Meeting the needs of golfers that deal with different playing conditions puts these golf clubs at the top of every golfer's wish list.

Once you match your golf balls to your style of play, you might notice an improvement in your game.
Sometimes a change of ball might be all you need to nudge your handicap in the right direction if progress has stalled recently.

Let's review the new Titleist Carry and Roll and see how they will improve your game.

The Titleist DT Roll golf ball allows golfers that play in windy conditions, on links style golf courses, or need a little more distance, to play with confidence. The Titleist DT Roll golf balls combine a new tenant core technology with more dimples to produce it's boring trajectory. Great for people that live in Texas or the coastal states where wind is a huge factor.

The new Titleist DT Carry golf ball are for those golfers that need the benefits of longer distance, greater carry and a higher ball flight. The Titleist DT Carry golf ball gives the golfer that plays on harder courses with carries over bunkers on their approach shots the ability to get the ball on the correct trajectory for a winning shot. If you are a golfer that likes hitting the ball higher and dropping it in on the flag like a dart, the Titleist DT Carry is the ball for you.