My Liverpool Tours!

The sights of my visible hearing

Carves ears niche in sounds possessed by seeing

The vast compactness naturally trained

In waves of my dreamed travels

This, experiences of my sun bath

In my designed swimming tours

My mind never lacking seeing

Daily saw fountains of nature

Make a swim past in rays

Of earth’s moon’s sunlight,

An appearance in beauty for living

And living my life, your life to fullest.

Towns and lands I carry

In jottings and diaries of penned life

Each, self carved with worded emotions, tears, laughter

In the essential influence

Of non-expendable affluence

In the combination of affluence and influence

I express my excellence for preference

I chose to tour the Liverpool

The Liverpool of the United Kingdom and the United States

Liverpool and team

Liverpool and land

Liverpool – that match

Liverpool – the patch

The land of scores

The land of ups

United Kingdom

Graced in embodied draws

The United States

Graces in effectual draws

The United of

A kingdom and a State

A United Kingdom fused in

A United State, all in Liverpool.

In my magnificent mansions

Much in mind like Buckingham Palace

Expressively, divine humanity I celebrate

This as I jubilate

My now grown human divinity

I placed in globe’s earth thus embraced

In my strolls of walking movement

Steps of glory to glory

In makes of life’s glory

Fused step by step

My whispering trees are bound at unity

With my own laughing mountains

Which I have merged with

In my walking and travelling stream’s parted path

And my ocean’s breathing breath

Cuddled beneath the sky’s smile.

I will never on earth forget

My Liverpool tours

Liverpool of my Texas

Liverpool, a city in Brazoria County

Of Texas in the United States

Named after city of Liverpool, England

A favorite holiday destination

Here, there is the guyed KLDE Tower

One of the tallest constructions on earth

Another remarkable construction is

The American Towers Tower

Liverpool, a city with good colleges and famous persons.

From the Liverpool of the United States

I travelled to Liverpool in my England

For the holy days I called holidays

Liverpool, a city and metropolitan borough

Of Merseyside, England

Found as a borough in 1207

And granted city status, 1880

Liverpool, the fourth largest city

In the United Kingdom

Third largest in England

Liverpool, the city of Liverpudlians

A city of favourite local side

A form of stew called scouse

Liverpool, a home to oldest

Black African community countrywide

And oldest Chinese community in Europe

A favourite tourist destination

The European capital of culture

Liverpool, home of pace-setters

A home to the world’s first school of Tropical Medicine

Liverpool of service sector industries

A city with one of the busiest network

And most extensive in the country.

As an author and poet, I travelled to Liverpool

Other authors who made their marks, I acclaimed

Because of the city’s uniqueness

Liverpool of authors and poets, and scholars

A centre of academic excellence

As a graduate

I appreciate Liverpool’s Universities

University of Liverpool

Liverpool John Moores University

And Liverpool Hope University

Liverpool, the wonders of Britain

A city with the fineness of the streets

A city next to godliness

A city of greatness

My tour was a worthy experience

Taking off from

Liverpool, Texas

And landing in Liverpool, England.

Copyright, Anyaele Sam Chiyson